M3 Biodynamics is a California-based cultivation and extraction business with a unique approach, a killer team and a savvy strategic plan. Founded in 2017, M3’s mission is to become the leader in the sustainable production of "bio-organic" Medical Cannabis products in the USA.




1) SETTING NEW INDUSTRY STANDARDS: M3 will set new industry standards through our use of biodynamic and organic principles to produce the highest quality and most consistent potency of cannabis flowers and extractions. To extract the best medicinal qualities from the plant while keeping our products free of toxic contaminants, M3 will use non-volatile CO2 extraction, organic ethanol fractional distillation, and where appropriate, closed-loop butane extraction done in the most safe, responsible and sustainable way. All products will be tested in house as well as via a third-party for cannabinoids, purity and toxins.


2) BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Growing in indoor-rated greenhouses, using proprietary innovations for yield enhancement and state-of-the-art hydroponic and fertigation systems, M3 will leverage the best of both indoor and outdoor growing: the ability to control the environment, reduce the risk of contamination, and use the free sunlight to grow the trees.


3) DIVERSE SERVICES: M3 wants to uplift the industry. We don't see competitors - we see alliances and allies. We believe that we are "BETTER TOGETHER" so we are inviting other industry members to join us in networking and forging strong industry alliances. M3 understands that many current operators are struggling with the transition into the legal market, whether from a compliance, financial or brand-building stand point. M3 offers partnerships and consulting services to help others in the industry with technology, innovations, marketing, funding and education. 


4) TEAM OF EXCELLENCE: With a clear vision to positively disrupt the industry and change the world through education on the endo-cannabinoid system and cannabis as a medicine, our exceptional team has the requisite expertise to make M3 a resounding success!

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