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M3 was honored to meet Southern California's cannabis community

ON THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY, the LA cannabis community came together at the first industry event hosted by M3. Convened in response to changes in the legal and social cannabis landscape that could see established pharmaceutical companies and others soon entering the marketplace, the event was meant to start a conversation on how the existing community’s various elements can work together to secure their own future. Intended as a serious panel discussion on current issues, it ended up being that and so much more.


Top industry professionals, budtenders, cultivators, dispensary owners, artists and media all had a great time networking on a beautiful day at Neighbor restaurant in Venice, California. Held on the restaurant’s outdoor patio, and with a lush nursery next door providing plenty of leaves and vines for the winter light to spill through, it was a beautiful setting. Attendees—including representatives from the amazing WeedMaps, Civlized., NEXT G3N Greenhouses, and more—entered, were offered a “mocktail” containing hemp-derived CBD* and were asked to fill out a questionnaire created by M3's marketing team. The questions covered a range of topics and were designed to give M3 a better picture of the existing cannabis community, its concerns and challenges, its successes and its members’ visions for the future. Upon handing-in the questionnaire, attendees were given a gift bag filled with an array of top luxury items (see list)—and even a chocolate! Many of the products in the gift bag contained CBD as well, all of which was entirely hemp-derived.

At this point, the 60 or so guests were chatting, enjoying their drinks and the pleasant weather (the attendees from the Northeast especially liked that) and meeting each other. In fact, discussing the event in the days after it took place, many of us were surprised at how engaged everyone seemed to be—former strangers having great conversations, groups easily forming and openly discussing issues, and so on. It was like an event filled with old friends, and the environment could not have been better.


The panel discussion quickly followed, with M3's Kyle Kietrys, Dr. Jenny Wilkins, Kate Rolston and Anthony Finno perched atop stools in front of the welcoming crowd. Marketing Director Riyaana Hartley handled MC duties, putting questions to the panelists on a range of topics, including M3's vision and the greater community’s challenges in facing stigma, marketing, compliance with new regulations and more. Several audience members asked questions and offered perspectives; one questioned the viability of and sense in delivering medicine to cancer patients via sugar-rich edibles, another asked as to the kinds of resources and assistance M3 would be providing going forward. In balanced responses, the panelists underlined M3’s commitment to education, our “better together” outlook that seeks a new industry model to “raise all ships” and the idea that we all have a lot to learn from each other.


After the uplifting conversation, lunch was served—and what a lunch it was: a range of stunning dishes prepared with hemp-derived CBD, accompanied by hemp-derived CBD cocktails and mocktails for those who wanted, plus cold water, elegant teas and fantastic conversation.


In the end, it was an honor to meet so many engaged members of the cannabis community. Their positive feedback during the event reinforced our belief that, when it comes to crafting the future of the cannabis industry, we really are better together. "Better Together" left us inspired and enthusiastic about hosting the next M3 event, which we're planning now. Here's hoping you can make it.

* The CBD (cannabidiol) in the mocktails and other offerings available at the M3 Better Together event was entirely derived from agricultural hemp

Gift bag contents
  • All natural CBD Honeysuckle Soap


  • Anti-Aging CBD Lifting Cream by M3+Pia Lauren


  • SOULMATES: CBD-and-Gold-infused Chocolate Bar (for Rise of the Butterfly)


  • Near the Moon Massage Candle, by Shag


  • NANOBiotic Microbiome and CBD Moisturizer and Cleanser by M3+AgeVital


  • M3+High Standards Rolling Papers


  • Awaken-by Foria Pleasure


  • Tender Greens


  • Nectar Cold Press Juice

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