June 30th, 2017 is our target date for closing the subscription document for the secured debt offering. On this day we intend to exchange signed documents, and your share certificate in exchange for your investment. If you need an extension, please email our CEO .

Closing of Subscription Documents

Los Angeles, CA



We have agreed on a contract date of July 14th 2017 with the site developer. This date is of critical importance, as it kicks off a series of events, activities and delivery timelines that ensure that M3 will be in business in 2017. We will be celebrating with a ribbon cutting, photo opportunity, and a press release. If you want more information please request here .

Contract on the Property

New York City, NY


By invitation only. At this private event, the founding team presented M3 Biodynamics to a select group of accredited investors from in and around NYC. Guests gathered at 7:30 for networking and special M3 Elixir cocktails and hors d'ouvres, followed by a short video and presentation by M3 founder Kyle Kietrys, and his "A team".

View event video:


View event photographs here: https://stevenmichaelsims.pixieset.com/m3biodynamicsinvestormeeting/

Investor Gathering at KIMA

New York City, NY


WATCH m3 Founder & Ceo, Kyle T. Kietrys SPEAK to investors

Photographs of the event 06/16/17

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