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FINDING HARMONY IN THIS WORLD CAN BE TOUGH—unless you happened to be at this year’s Kaya Fest in San Bernardino, California. Held over three days at the end of April, the festival was produced by the Marley family as a 40th anniversary celebration of Bob Marley’s Kaya album, and it was a beautiful balance of great music, great people, and great information.

A Friday educational symposium on cannabis was followed by two days of top musical artists performing top hits, new and old. Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Soja and others were joined by Damian, Stephen, Ziggy and the other members of the Marley family (including Shacia Marley, aka DJ Shacia Päyne, who kept the dance area moving). From the earliest parts of the day through to the wee hours, M3 was there in force, with M3 President Kyle Kietrys and M3 Medical Director Dr. Jenny Wilkins both speaking at the “education before recreation” educational forum, and with a fantastic VIP area that turned out to be the hit of the weekend.


In fact, M3’s Moroccan-themed VIP festival space was voted “Best in VIP” by the festival’s organizers, and given that our bar was serving refreshing CBD mojito “mocktails” (non-alcoholic beverages made with full-spectrum organic hemp oil), our incredible lineup of sumptuous, CBD-infused, organic skincare products, our generous massage area (using M3’s proprietary CBD-infused massage oil) and our plush seating, it’s no wonder. KayaFest also served as the debut for our M3.Life brand, which made a strong entrance and which is being incredibly well received.

Our products were front and center, and as soon as fans were introduced to them and tried samples, the orders began coming in. Skin creams, oils, a beautiful and vibrantly colored CBD-infused soap and more all were branded with M3’s labels and proved to be a huge hit—no surprise, considering the fantastic selection of organic, pure ingredients like Egyptian Myrrh, Babassu Oil, Coconut Butter and Frankincense, to name just a few.

Beyond Music
  • M3 products and M3-branded gift bags were put into the hands of A-list celebrity artists such as Lauryn Hill and Damian Marley


  • Successfully debuted and test-marketed our skincare products and hemp-derived CBD "mocktail" mix


  • M3's VIP space voted "Best in VIP" by the festival organizers, who asked us to help coordinate next year's event


  • M3's top officers wowed the crowd at the educational symposium—so much so that M3 has been asked to coordinate next year's forum


  • Reinforced relationships with top cannabis distributors, influencers and business innovators

Our “mocktail” bar was handled primarily by Joe Seaman, who recently came aboard with M3 to help at the festival and with general marketing and research needs. Joe was busy in the extreme, serving the mix of lime, CBD and more (it’s a secret recipe we’re considering bringing to market) in-between being interviewed by various on-site media and dodging the attentions of Kaya Fest fans attracted by his English accent. 

Kietrys’ presentation at the forum was very well received, as was Dr. Jenny’s. Both were so successful, in fact, that Kaya Fest has asked M3 to coordinate next year’s entire educational symposium—one more thing for the to-do list, then, and a job we’re happy to have as it underlines our commitment to education on medicinal cannabis and it underlines our authority in the space.

M3 Life Sciences CEO Kate Rolston was there, of course, though she was tough to catch—always in motion, running from one on-camera interview to another, posing with influencers for photos, compelling product sales to fans and liaising with curious passers-by, answering questions and spreading M3’s message far and wide.

Marketing Director Riyaana Hartley was busy as well, not least when she implemented the backstage distribution of M3 gift bags to all of the top artists and VIPs at the festival, including to the Marleys, Lauryn Hill and others, putting our brand in front of world-renowned A-listers. M3’s Anjela Boyd held down the VIP area, variously engaging with influencers, helping Joe when he was overwhelmed, walking people through M3’s product line and seeming to be everywhere at once. While all that was going on, Reade Tilley, M3 Content Director, was off getting content, elbowing other photographers out of the way in the press pool in front of the stage, chatting with attendees, driving people to M3’s VIP area, helping anyone who needed help and keeping an eye on M3’s Frank Germano, a longtime reggae fan who spent the weekend in a state of utter bliss listening to acts like Toots and the Maytals, Chronixx, Third World and others.

As a music festival, KayaFest was great fun. As a chance to underline M3’s authority in the medicinal and lifestyle cannabis space, KayaFest was an important showcase for our top officers and for the first edition of our lifestyle publication (distributed on site). As a branding opportunity that allowed us put our name in front of a receptive crowd of VIPs who paid top dollar to be there, the festival was an overwhelming success.


By the end, we’d debuted and successfully test-marketed our skincare products, sold out of our ridiculously popular CBD “mocktail” blend, added to our ever-growing network of top influencers and business innovators in the cannabis community and—fantastically—put M3 products in M3 gift bags into the hands of some of the world’s top A-list celebrity artists, leaving everyone exhausted and smiling with plenty of that irie feeling.

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