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Hi, I'm Kyle Kietrys, founder and CEO of M3 Biodynamics. I can't tell you how excited and passionate I am about this industry and the incredible potential we have here with M3 Biodynamics. I thought I should share a little about me and my background so you can understand where I'm coming from, how I got here, and more about my vision.

After studying the human endocannabinoid system and working with patients over the past several years to help them heal from illness and to empower them to take charge of their own health using medical cannabis oil, I realized I had to launch a medical cannabis company and to become a leader in the industry and do things differently.  I've learned during that time how extracts could be further improved for health applications, what is lacking in them currently and how dosing needs to be studied.  I have been at the forefront of the alternative health field for more than 20 years when I began treating the gut as the source of chronic disease in 1998, around the time I opened my health food store, which is almost 20 years before we started to get a grasp on what role the human microbiome plays in our gut health and and inflammation.  Most recently I have been writing a book on personal empowerment and transformation which will be available in the next year called, 'Metamorphic Memoirs of a Madman: My Descent Into Novelty'. So be on the lookout for that as I will time the release to be around M3's first harvest party in 2018.

Prior to that I studied sustainability and the Cradle to Cradle philosophy of true closed loop systems, which is part of the unique approach of M3 Biodynamics. We will close as many loops as possible in extraction, in distillation, in hydroponics, in our waste streams and in the community. Our backup generator will be a Northern Lights diesel generator, and set up to run on waste vegetable oil from the local community rather than diesel or even bio-diesel, helping to close a loop in the broader community.

I've also spent much of the past 20 years studying alternative energy concepts and systems from Schauberger and Tesla and studied metaphysics from teachers like Steiner, Walter Russell, as well as the ancient masters of wisdom. In doing so, I have developed an in depth understanding of the subtle forces that are universal principals, and manifest as electrical/magnetic forces we know. An understanding of these subtle forces provide the tools for us to master our world.  I have travelled the world over for the past 15 years to further my understanding of how these subtle forces might be used to our advantage. I have discovered that sound and the vortex are two of the most powerful forces we could tap into, and it is through the application of those forces that we will make great strides in horticulture.

M3 Biodynamics will utilize biodynamic principals to produce the highest quality, highest potency and most consistent cannabis flowers in closed loop hydroponic systems in Indoor greenhouses.


M3 Elixirs will extract using non-volatile, closed loop CO2 extraction and closed loop organic ethanol fractional distillation. 


M3 Biodynamics vision is to become the leader in organic medical cannabis cultivation, extraction, innovation and discovery. M3 will rise like a Phoenix, forging a principled and profitable cannabis business out of the ashes of prohibition, establishing the “organic standards” while also introducing uncommon and unique technologies that will propel the entire industry forward. 


Technological innovations will help us achieve this vision significantly improving our cultivation, extraction and distillation operations, whilst discovering the optimal combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes that address specific conditions. 


We have put together a tremendous team, that is second to none in this industry. Our Master Grower has 20 years experience cultivating and consulting for the medical cannabis industry in California. Our CMO has tremendous experience in educating consumers on health & wellness topics, and is a multi-time award winning executive producer of film and TV.  Our attorney in LA is a Cannabis Regulatory Consultant, and works with various cities to help them establish their cannabis regulations. Her team consists of experts in dealing with California Cannabis law, and will be walking us through the entire licensing process. Our Cannabis process consultant, John Mackay, is a legend in the fields of Mass Spectrometry and HPLC.  


Now that we have a better understanding of the human ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM Science has recognized the need for human supplementation with exo-Cannabinoids, first discovered in 1997. This internal system of cannabinoid receptors is responsible for homeostasis in the body and the cells; a system determining our state of health and well being!


We will be cultivating and extracting in one of California's only 'Indoor Rated', 28,000 sq. ft., fully automated, mixed light & turnkey greenhouses. This is a unique facility and the only greenhouse rated for both altitude and high desert. It is fully climate controlled, and can turn a summer noon sun into the blackest of midnight automatically. It is made in Holland, of course who have decades of experience growing Cannabis! We will put up a 2nd greenhouse in 2018.


Mixed Light Cultivation is where California wants the state to be in 5 years. We are starting with Mixed Light now, in 2017! There is no doubt that the Sun provides the best light, but when you grow indoor you are faced with tremendous electrical costs and outdoor you can't control the light depth outdoors very well. Now, with light deprivation, we have the ability to fully control light depth via shading, blackout and supplemental lighting and we have the same level of control offered in an Indoor warehouse but at an astounding 70% savings on the cost of electricity costs, yet in a fully climate-controlled environment.


We are, and will always be, visionaries working at the forefront of the Medical Cannabis Industry. We will implement incredible innovations, employing biodynamic principles, using Organic Nutrients & Mediums and using CO2 Extraction and Organic Ethanol Distillation. We will become leaders in yield and innovation, we will always strive to stay ahead of the competition. 


M3 Biodynamics 4 Pillars of Excellence are: Superior Quality, Dependable Consistency, Highest Potency and 100% Compliant - all of which leads to Superior Profits!



M3 Biodynamics is progressing rapidly and 2018 has been so busy for us. We finished our capital raise in October, then we closed on our greenhouse property with Michael Ricatto, in a deal which includes a 2nd greenhouse pad, on which we will build our second greenhouse in the spring of '18.


We now have two bank accounts established and operating, and through our Southern California attorneys at Green Wise Consulting, we have finalized our strategy for corporate formation, permitting and licensing which is now in the works. Pam has incorporated M3 Biodynamics, Inc, as a California Corporation and is now handling our local permitting and will handle our state licensing next year.


This is a very challenging time to enter California, as the regulations are not yet in place but with the right team in place there are incredible advantages to doing so. We have chosen to face these hurdles because of the connected and competent people we have either on our team or as our consultants and advisors.


Our Team is nearly complete and we have made some outstanding additions in the past month; 

  • Our CFO, Ashley Montgomery, is a 20 year veteran in the financial services industry. She spent the past 10 years as a structured credit hedge fund accountant. 

  • Our EVP of Branding & Lifestyle is Phillia Kim Downs of Live Love Collective, bringing a wealth of connections across multiple industries. 

  • Our CSO Brian Vincel is a horticulture expert with proven ability to complete large agricultural projects on time and on budget.

  • Our CCO (Community), Tracey Vincel is a pain management and opioid expert, co-owner at Kima PT & Wellness in NYC. 

  • Our consulting engineer, Frank Germano is an aerospace and acoustic engineer, bringing his revolutionary Tesla-based technology into M3 - as we think about licensing down the road.

  • Our Science Advisor, Ian Atkinson PhD, is a medical device inventor and head of a Genomics Institute in Canada.

  • Chief Compliance Officer, Mike Zachara, Esq., General Counsel and Secretary is a pharmaceutical industry veteran, who served as the General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary for public and private pharmaceutical companies.


We attended a conference in DC just last week where we furthered our industry knowledge and met fabulous industry experts who are now either advisors, consultants or interested investors in M3.

People like Robert Carp, Leslie Bocskor CEO, Electrum Partners, George Dickinson CEO CannaPro, Ian Atkinson and Keith Alpaugh.


This week we were invited to a Cannagather event in NYC where we met with investor, Alain Bankier, Cannabis expert & author, Jeff Friedland, and Superbowl winner Marvin Washington of NY Jets, who is also a Partner at Isodiol CBD. This was all thanks to our Phillia Kim Downs and Josh Weinstein, the host. Marvin expressed interest in co-producing content that addresses America's opioid crisis and Alain Bankier wants to meet to learn more about the M3 investment opportunity. Alain is co-founder of Ny Angels and is a prominent investor in the industry.


 The next show coming up is at Jacob Javits in NYC on June 14th-16th. Where we look forward to seeing our friends Jeanne Sullivan and P



Columbia Univesity - NYC

Rutger's University - NJ

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