Thank You for Attending. If you missed the event, Please Check out what our expert consultants had to say below 
Robert Carp, A.L.M., J.D.
Peter Maguire,
Head of Cultivation Committee, FOCUS

"I’ve been in this industry a number of years and I’ve encountered horror stories and I’ve encountered good stories. And this is one of the good stories I like to tell with these people at M3, because just look at the proforma, look at the documents... 

The money you’re going to be getting – the large amounts based on the proforma – is going to be untouchable – it’s going to be coming from the management company –

it does NOT touch the plant."

Thank you for coming to our event on June 15th. Much gratitude to Tracey Vincel, one of M3's investors who hosted the event at her lovely loft space, “Kima Wellness” - and congratulations to her team for leading the way in Opioid-free pain management solutions.


About 40 qualified investors gathered for an opportunity to meet the team in person, followed by a presentation about M3. We introduced our company with a short video giving an industry overview for those new to the space followed by speeches from M3’s CEO, Kyle Kietrys and his executive team. The audience asked intelligent and provocative questions, and we were thrilled to have several of our industry consulting experts there, who not only stood up and answered questions but also endorsed what we are doing at M3 to differentiate ourselves, solve some of the biggest industry problems and mitigate risk for investors through our secured debt-offering. 

"The California market is extremely interesting. I’m on Standards Committees. I write the standards that these guys are going to have to adhere to. I guarantee that 50% of the product going through testing in California is going to fail. That’s what’s going to happen, and its already starting to happen.

When we globalize and create an equal playing field, guys like Kyle - and this team of people - are going to be very well positioned. 

The big guys will want to buy you guys, and they WON’T CARE what the price is."

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