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by Reade Tilley

“It was more like motivational,” says Shacia Päyne—aka Shacia Marley—of coming from reggae royalty that includes having Bob and Rita Marley for grandparents, Stephen Marley for a dad, and an extended group of respected artists around her growing up. “The only scary thing for me is I’m not a singer, so I always asked where can I fit into the music part of this?”


Cueing off her father’s production work she decided to pursue DJing, and at 22 she’s already a force. “I’m strictly all about ’90s dancehall,” she says. “Frisco Kid, Bounty, Lady Saw… Yeah, I really felt like I was born for that time. But I am evolving in music. When I was younger I listened to reggae like Barrington Levy and I was like, ‘Eh.’ But now I’m listening to it again and smoking my cannabis and it’s really connected. Dennis Brown—man, honestly, I would never listen to dub, and now I’m all about dub in the mornings. I really grew into it.”

Shacia was kind enough to spare a few minutes from the studio to chat with us before Kaya Fest, the 40th anniversary celebration of Bob Marley's Kaya album, produced by members of the Marley family this April in Southern California. But when the festival lit up she was all business, controlling Kaya Fest's dance area from behind the decks as 25,000 people per day enjoyed great music from the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Damian, Stephen, Ziggy and other members of the Marley family, Toots and the Maytals, Chronixx and others. For an entire weekend, the dance area was on fire, a raging corner of a festival that dipped and flowed as Shacia kept the beats coming with a style that she's starting to develop more and more. Helping her with that, she says, is cannabis, which her family taught her to respect.


“It helps me get to my higher self, totally, helps me create and see a bigger vision,” she says. “My sister and I, when we’re both puffin’ and passin’, we’re on the same level, the same mindset. It does bring people together, opens everyone up to a different way of looking at life, and within music, yeah. I respect the shit out of cannabis. Try it and you’ll see—visit that self of yours.”


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